Producing a Task Information Delivery Plan (TIDP) from ARCHICAD 19

October 16, 2015. By


One part of the process of “Level 2 BIM” in the UK is for each team member to produce a Task Information Delivery Plan (or TIDP for short). These individual Task Information Delivery Plans are then collated into a single document called a Master Information Delivery Plan (or MIDP for short). In ‘old’ terminology a Task Information Delivery Plan (TIDP) is essentially the equivalent of an Information Release Schedule. Continue reading

Developing a standardised and automated approach to IFC data fields

October 2, 2015. By


Many users of BIM authoring tools are still focussed on producing the same deliverables they have always produced but in a more efficient way. This means that even if they have adopted an approach to producing data much of it will be focussed on native data fields within their chosen authoring tools. This is fine if the only output is a drawing or a schedule but if others want to use your data for other purposes in a consistent manner on every project, irrelevant of who the model author is, then we believe data needs to be built around a common open standard. Continue reading