Testing openBIM data exchange for client specific data sets

July 24, 2018. By


As many of you who read this blog regularly know, Bond Bryan Digital promote open standards wherever possible to exchange information between different project stakeholders. The primary methods of exchange we utilise on our projects are PDF, XLSX, IFC, COBie and BCF (and DWG if we really have to!). Many are still sceptical about information exchange using certain formats. This is particularly true of IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) which is described by ISO16739:2013. The truth though is that the IFC schema is not really to blame. The issue is that the exchange is often poor because of either poor implementation of the schema by vendors or poor implementation by users. Continue reading

LEGO Architecture meets BIM – Part 28: COBie

August 21, 2017. By


We are now moving towards the end of the blog series on LEGO Architecture meets BIM. In this post we look at how the data from the LEGO model can be extracted into a COBie format.  The main purpose of COBie is to provide a transfer mechanism of data produced with a BIM process into a format that can be used by Facilties Managers. This data is provided for maintaining an asset (in this case the Villa Savoye, although in LEGO format!) after the completion of construction. Continue reading

COBie 2.4, BS 1192-4:2014 and ARCHICAD 18/19 – Part 5: System, Assembly, Connection, Spare, Resource, Job, Impact, Document, Coordinate, Attribute and Issue

July 31, 2015. By


We previously covered Instruction, Contact, Facility and Floor, Space and Zone, Component and Type. In this final post we look at the remaining parts of the COBie schema including Systems, Coordinates and Attributes .

Continue reading

COBie 2.4, BS 1192-4:2014 and ARCHICAD 18/19 – Part 4: Type

July 22, 2015. By


In the previous posts we have covered Instruction, Contact, Facility, Floor, Space and Zone and Component. In this post we will focus on COBie’s requirements at the Type level. Types are something that the vast majority of ARCHICAD users will probably not be familiar with. However many other BIM tools filter data by Type so it is important to understand how this works when it comes to exchanging models both for IFC and COBie. Continue reading

COBie 2.4, BS 1192-4:2014 and ARCHICAD 18/19 – Part 1: Instruction, Contact, Facility and Floor

June 22, 2015. By


For the past 12 months i’ve been presenting ‘The COBieNATOR’ which is a LIVE demonstration of COBie’s relationship to IFC. First showcased at BIM Show Live 2014 (see here for more details) I was subsequently asked to present it at a number of other events both in the UK and abroad. Having toured the world presenting the class, I thought it would be useful to share some of the information we presented in a more structured format. Continue reading