Bond Bryan at BIM Show Live 2018

December 28, 2017. By


Last year I decided to take a break from presenting at BIM Show Live. I subsequently won the ‘wooden spoon’ for not being ‘bothered to enter a submission’. Ooopss!! So I thought I better submit something this year!! Instead of just one submission though, Bond Bryan have 3 presentations at BIM Show Live 2018!

There will be two from me and one from my Bond Bryan colleague Rosey Alexander (Associate), who will share her story of how she is engaging and helping develop staff’s skills at Bond Bryan Architects.

Below is more information about each of these classes. Continue reading



The NBS BIM Toolkit public BETA – feedback

April 24, 2015. By


The new Digital Plan of Work (dPoW) and Classification system were introduced in public beta at BIM Show Live a few weeks ago. Both are incorporated into a single tool with development led by NBS to form the NBS BIM Toolkit BETA. The dPoW and Classification components form part of the wider components of “Level 2 BIM” with only PAS 1192-5:2015 now left to be published. The final live version of the toolkit will officially be available sometime around June 2015.  Continue reading



BIM object standard naming?

April 17, 2015. By


I recently attended the buildingSMART International Summit in Watford. At the event there was a short presentation about standard naming for BIM objects. Object naming in the UK is covered by BS 8541-1:2012. Now I have to confess that I hadn’t looked at BS 8541-1 for awhile. So on the train home from the event I dug it out again and had another read. Continue reading



Case Study: Cleveland Fire Brigade Training and Administration Building

March 10, 2015. By


In September 2014 we introduced a number of new technologies and processes to the practice. The technologies we introduced were Graphisoft ARCHICAD 18, Graphisoft BIMx Docs (now rebranded BIMx Pro), Graphisoft BIMcloud and Solibri Model Checker.

In order to introduce these technologies and workflows we had spent the previous 6 months developing processes and templates that would work for our needs. Much of this work aligns with the emerging UK BIM standards, processes and protocols as well as the RIBA Plan of Work 2013. Now in March 2015 we are starting to see a number of projects really taking advantage of these new processes and technology advancements. Continue reading

openBIM for Facilities Management

November 7, 2014. By


The UK Government has defined 3 deliverables for publicly procured projects from April 1st 2016. These are PDF, native models and COBie (see diagram below). PAS 1192-2:2013 sets out the process for the production of these deliverables. Key to PAS 1192-2 is an Employers Information Requirement (EIR) which sets out a clients requirements for projects. Here begins the problem!
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Vision to reality: Bradford College case study

September 3, 2014. By

When Bond Bryan invested in our authoring platform back in 1994 we had a clear vision that 3D models would play an important part of the future of the construction industry. When we set off on our journey, the ability to create 3-dimensional visualisations was one of the primary goals of creating a model for the project. For years we were focussed on producing a visualisation that could ‘sell’ our ideas to clients. Looking back these visualisations were crude by today’s standards but they have always been and continue to be a key part of our overall service. Continue reading

Presenting at BIM Show Live 2014

March 11, 2014. By

So another year passes and BIM Show Live is almost upon us again…where does the time go? We have been fortunate to present in both 2012 (“Breaking down and understanding Level 2 BIM: An Architect’s perspective”) and 2013 (“IFC: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”). We were also on the judging panel as well last year. Continue reading


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Speaking a common language

November 13, 2013. By

In order for BIM (Building Information Modelling) to be adopted across our industry it is important that we all understand clearly the terminology and language we use to communicate with each other. Collaboration is far more straightforward where we are all have the same understanding of the language we are using to communicate with. The idea of common and open standards is something we are passionate about but this extends beyond file formats and into all aspects of collaborative working. Continue reading

The Introduction to our next BIM Chapter

October 21, 2013. By

Welcome to the new Bond Bryan Architects BIM blog and our new website!

A bit of background

Over the past 23 months I have been running the company twitter account. Initially the intention was to talk about all things related to Bond Bryan Architects. However, the more our following has grown the more the twitter account has focused on discussing Building Information Modelling (BIM); not surprising given my role as company BIM Manager and as part of the wider #ukbimcrew and #globalbimcrew. Continue reading