Classification References in ARCHICAD 18/19

December 4, 2015. By


There are really two types of classification when it comes to working with open standards. The first is how you classify the element/component or a space against the standard IFC (ISO 16739:2013) schema. For example, classifying a model element/component as a Wall.

I have covered the detailed application of Element Classification in a series of detailed posts previously. See our series on Element Classification, of which there are 3 posts, for more information on this subject. However this post deals with a second type of classification which is referred to in IFC terminology as an IfcClassificationReference. Continue reading

Developing a standardised and automated approach to IFC data fields

October 2, 2015. By


Many users of BIM authoring tools are still focussed on producing the same deliverables they have always produced but in a more efficient way. This means that even if they have adopted an approach to producing data much of it will be focussed on native data fields within their chosen authoring tools. This is fine if the only output is a drawing or a schedule but if others want to use your data for other purposes in a consistent manner on every project, irrelevant of who the model author is, then we believe data needs to be built around a common open standard. Continue reading

IFC 2×3 element and type classification – The plain language A-Z list

September 16, 2015. By


I’m often asked how to classify certain elements in Graphisoft ARCHICAD for IFC exchange. To many IFC is a weird language that has little to do with everyday language. Many of our classifications are preset up in our ARCHICAD templates but there are always instances where a user needs to manually classify an element. So we thought it would be useful to develop a list to assist model authors understand how to classify model elements against the IFC schema. In fact i’ve been meaning to do this for a long time. Of course in the spirit of OPEN BIM we also decided to share this list. Continue reading

Understanding Element Classification for IFC 2×3 exchange in ARCHICAD 18/19 – Part 3 – Predefined Types

August 28, 2015. By


This is the final part of Element Classification in ARCHICAD. Now this post is predominantly put together as a resource for other ARCHICAD users interested in gaining more knowledge around IFC so its not generally something I expect everyone to read top to bottom. Continue reading

Understanding Element Classification for IFC 2×3 exchange in ARCHICAD 19 – Part 2 – ArchiCAD Type and Library Parts

August 19, 2015. By


In the last post we looked at the relationship between Components/Elements and Types when using Element Classification.

In this second post we share information about how these Element Classifications are setup by default in ARCHICAD. We will cover how these are set up for elements (i.e. walls, slabs etc) and how they are configured with the out-of-the-box ARCHICAD library.

At the bottom of the post we share some observations and some perceived minor errors with the out-of-the-box ARCHICAD library. Continue reading

Understanding Element Classification for IFC 2×3 exchange in ARCHICAD 18/19 – Part 1 – Relationships

August 10, 2015. By


In an earlier post we looked at the requirements of COBie for both Components and Types. This series of posts are highly technical posts and not something I would expect users to understand in depth, although I know some of our power users will try and follow them. However this kind of understanding is important if you are setting up templates for ARCHICAD users. There is a fair bit of detail to understand so the information is split into three posts. We will look at the relationship between Components and Types in this post. Continue reading

Interoperability testing: IFC 2×3 site geometry exchange

March 16, 2015. By


In the previous blog post we looked at a case study of our Cleveland Fire Brigade Training and Administration Building. An issue that emerged from this project was to do with how our site geometry was being exchanged into Solibri Model Checker. We quickly found a solution to resolve the issue into Solibri. However, sometimes finding a solution to one problem can result in unexpected results elsewhere. Continue reading

openBIM for Facilities Management

November 7, 2014. By


The UK Government has defined 3 deliverables for publicly procured projects from April 1st 2016. These are PDF, native models and COBie (see diagram below). PAS 1192-2:2013 sets out the process for the production of these deliverables. Key to PAS 1192-2 is an Employers Information Requirement (EIR) which sets out a clients requirements for projects. Here begins the problem!
Continue reading

ARCHICAD 18: Join the IFC and COBie flow – Part 3 – Model export

October 17, 2014. By

In this final piece in this series about some of the main improvements to IFC and COBie workflow (there are more of course around openBIM) we will look at the enhancements that have been made to geometry export settings. (This piece is primarily focussed on IFC but in time I can see how these changes will also benefit COBie workflows, particularly with regard to the Assembly Worksheet). The new features might be missed by some users but these changes really are going to have a significant impact on the quality of the models we export to others. Continue reading