Client BIM briefing note: Information Management role

March 10, 2016. By


Over the past 12 months we have seen a number of our client’s set out that they wish the design team to deliver “BIM Level 2”. Whilst this is great to see an increased interest in the need for BIM, many clients are missing a crucial aspect of a “BIM Level 2” project. This is the need to appoint someone to carry out Information Management for the project. Continue reading

Producing a Task Information Delivery Plan (TIDP) from ARCHICAD 19

October 16, 2015. By


One part of the process of “Level 2 BIM” in the UK is for each team member to produce a Task Information Delivery Plan (or TIDP for short). These individual Task Information Delivery Plans are then collated into a single document called a Master Information Delivery Plan (or MIDP for short). In ‘old’ terminology a Task Information Delivery Plan (TIDP) is essentially the equivalent of an Information Release Schedule. Continue reading