Model viewers (free)

The following free viewers can be used to review a variety of common model and file formats. The tools are listed by file format in alphabetical order.

Some of these tools have paid for versions allowing further functionality but this list is designed to assist those without paid for tools open various file formats for viewing (and in some cases other functionality such as commenting or clash detection).

Note: Please contact us if you are aware of further free BIM viewers and we will add these to this page.



3DS (3DS files are created by Autodesk 3DS Max)


See our Interoperability resources page for plugins, add-ins and viewers.

BIMx (BIMx files are created by Graphisoft ARCHICAD)



Further freeware IFC software is also listed here:



PLN & PLA (PLN and PLA files are created by Graphisoft ARCHICAD)

RVT (RVT files are created by Autodesk Revit)

SMC (SMC files are created by Solibri Model Checker)

Vectorworks (Vectorworks files are created by Nemetschek Vectorworks)

Note: The software listed here is not endorsed by Bond Bryan Architects and the list is provided in good faith.

5 thoughts on “Model viewers (free)

    • Hi James,

      Are all of these available for free? The model viewer page is only for viewers that are free to use and not paid for.

      As far as I am aware both Trimble Connect and SketchUp need to be paid for. Plus Sketchup is extremely poor when it comes to supporting IFC so we wouldn’t add this to the list.

      Not heard of ARCHLine.XP but again if it is free to open an IFC we will add it.


  1. this list should also DALUX BIM Viewer
    I used most of these tools and to me, Dalux is by far the best among them with its features nad engine

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