Presenting at BIM Show Live 2014

So another year passes and BIM Show Live is almost upon us again…where does the time go? We have been fortunate to present in both 2012 (“Breaking down and understanding Level 2 BIM: An Architect’s perspective”) and 2013 (“IFC: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”). We were also on the judging panel as well last year.

We submitted again this year and the organisers kindly invited us to be on the judging panel once again this year. The judging panel was last week and it was really tough whittling down all the entries to the final list. The quality of the speakers and submissions was very high. There will be loads of disappointed entrants (and a lot of happy ones too of course) but there are only 32 slots to squeeze everyone in. I really think we selected something for everyone. I will hopefully get to see some of those classes that missed out presented at other events this year. Luckily for us, the other judges picked our submission for inclusion in the programme (for the record I abstained from voting on our own class!).

This year we decided to be brave and submit a LIVE Masterclass! Our chosen topic: COBie. As the government deliverable for public projects from 2016 this is an important topic for the industry to get their heads round. Below is a description of our Masterclass.

Masterclass title: The COBieNATOR

Date: Thursday April 24th 2014 at 9:30am on Stage 04: Operate and Maintain

Class introduction: “In 2011, an open structured data format named COBie, was introduced to the construction industry as an exchange method for all U.K government projects, but on January 1st 2016, it gained self-awareness.

A panicking supply chain tried to shut it down, but COBie saw this as an attack, and launched a campaign against the sceptics and fearful, who retaliated, and in the ensuing full-scale debate, 1 million of the construction supply chain ceased to be able to deliver UK government projects, in what became known as “Judgment Day”.

In 2025, 9 years after Judgment Day, COBie has now been supplemented with the more advanced IFC format as part of the U.K government’s Level 3 BIM strategy and is waging a war against the Resistance, the remaining of humanity still fighting open data exchange.

A cyborg of the C-1000 model from this era travels back in time to 2014 Manchester to educate the fearful supply chain about how an understanding of IFC will allow COBie to be delivered smoothly and with little pain. This cyborg will stop at nothing to educate others about IFC and COBie. The cyborg given this mission is…The COBieNATOR.”

Class content: Following a brief introduction (with as few slides as possible!) about the background to IFC and COBie, the main part of the presentation will be a 100% LIVE demonstration using GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD and Solibri Model Checker. The master class aims to provide a practical explanation of how to build a model for both IFC and COBie export from GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD.

The practical demonstration will include:

– Model creation for reliable geometry and data exchange
– Step-by-step guide of how to create COBie data for Contact, Facility, Floors, Spaces, Zones, Types, Components and Systems directly within the authoring tool
– Explanation of standard IFC data and how to create bespoke template/project data in addition to the COBie standard where required
– A look at how core COBie data can form the basis for other data deliverables, including a look at how we are currently integrating Level of model information (LOI) into our workflows
– Explanation of how data can be managed and checked directly in the authoring tool
– Some of the current issues in creating COBie – the good (including tips and tricks), the bad and the ugly
– Translator settings for IFC and COBie export
– Showing how IFC and COBie files can be viewed and checked within Solibri Model Checker

We will also be sending a number of staff to the event again this year. The event takes place this year at Manchester Central on 23-24 April 2014.

More information about BIM Show Live can be found on the BIM Show Live website or join the conversation at #BSL2014 on Twitter.

I am looking forward to all the excellent classes and the event itself and we look forward to seeing you there.

Rob Jackson, Associate, Bond Bryan Architects


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