The Introduction to our next BIM Chapter

Welcome to the new Bond Bryan Architects BIM blog and our new website!

A bit of background

Over the past 23 months I have been running the company twitter account. Initially the intention was to talk about all things related to Bond Bryan Architects. However, the more our following has grown the more the twitter account has focused on discussing Building Information Modelling (BIM); not surprising given my role as company BIM Manager and as part of the wider #ukbimcrew and #globalbimcrew.

In the first twelve months we attracted 1,000 followers and eleven months later we are close to 2,500. The twitter account has also been recognised in Building Design magazine’s #BDTwitter100 2013: Top 10 BIM tweeters and recently came joint 2nd in the Be2 Awards for Best AEC use of Twitter. I think the BD listing was the first time I was identified as the person behind the twitter account!  So now after 23 months it officially comes from me. Of course a few of you know me already, as one of the many benefits of tweeting has been making personal connections with people I wouldn’t otherwise have met.

However, now with the launch of our new website, we plan to tweak our approach slightly. We now have the ability to write blogs and most importantly link them to social media. Therefore alongside this BIM Blog there will be an Education Design Blog and a similarly themed Bond Bryan News page.

Twitter changes

To match our blogging and news pages, in order to keep our messages relevant to those following us we have revised our twitter arrangements. So our previous twitter account is now renamed:


In addition we have created two new twitter accounts:

@bondbryanED focussed on education design and

@bondbryan for all things Bond Bryan including latest news.

We hope this will provide clarity over what we will be tweeting about and allow people to follow the subjects that they are interested in. Of course there is nothing to stop you following all three!

BIM Blogging

Of course I have already been BIM blogging!  I recently wrote an opinion piece entitled ‘Collaboration: Bridging the divide’ for the new BIMcrunch on-line magazine (@BIMcrunch). The piece got an astronomical amount of hits, over 18,000 in its first two weeks and this helped get another article entitled ‘Manufacturers’ Content – Understanding Process’ rise to over 5,000 hits.

We have had requests for some more of the detail behind these pieces and so we plan to use this small corner of the Internet to share yet more information.

I will also be writing for and hopefully do a few guest blogs for a fellow Graphisoft ARCHICAD user and BIM advocate, Jared Banks (@shoegnome) on

You can find a full list of blogs we have contributed to here along with some other links to useful blog sites.


In addition to talking about our experiences and discussing important issues with BIM adoption we also plan to share some of our documentation, which we hope will prove useful for others on their own BIM journeys. And maybe once we get the hang of this new medium we might even have some guest blogs too.

Hopefully you will find some of our information useful but if you would like us to talk about any particular BIM topic over the coming months then drop us a tweet, direct message, email me at, or if you have any immediate requests then just comment below.

Rob Jackson, Associate, Bond Bryan Architects


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